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The Lookout Maritime story

Lookout Maritime was born out of a passion to contribute towards the wider adoption of sustainable practices in the maritime industry.

To effect true collaboration requires

a deeper understanding of the

regulatory landscape, technical considerations and

commercial imperatives at stake,

which we believe we have,

given our varied experience.


We have become experts at building a better quality of conversation

between market participants to make meaningful progress on

emission reduction and safety improvement.

Our approach provides a clearer and more strategic view of the practical steps required to satisfy growing stakeholder expectations.

We partner with leading experts and respected organisations to identify

optimal solutions and then support our clients with successful implementation

of the identified initiatives.

A wider perspective

We help connect the dots between the following key drivers:


  • charterer vessel selection criteria

  • environmental metrics

  • vetting and marine assurance



  • ship optimisation, energy saving devices 

  • alternative fuels implementation



  • data, analytics and software 

  • voyage optimisation



  • timescales and contingencies

  • interpreting outcomes from IMO, EU etc


Wider landscape

  • collaboration, key stakeholder interests, politics of shipping

  • ESG frameworks and reputation management 

  • carbon markets, compliance and voluntary

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